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Click-n-is a showcase, which contain the lists, bargains, advertisements, promotions and popular products & adjusted to campaigns and taken the place and be a declaration empty consolidated, click taken. Click-n-take allows actively on the polls: [vote and compare your opinion] and take agreements focused on the location of these marks. He bought the price real estate looking property that feel hard, they support the idea that, with or without consideration, with prohibition dyed into account Act, therefore, the exploration of the individual properties in the search index is necessary. Our agreement was recorded in 1985 by Registrar cash sale Kalyan Sub. Now, I needed 2-document index. How? Please guide me. (1) I have all the details of the document & track as you know? (2) if the details not only documented but belonging to what to do? What is the procedure to obtain 2 index by the Secretary, because it is my property Borivali 01 of April 2001 ″ document.? Who we are and what documents should I send with application and how many days I will be 2 index? I want to see as many households of the name n. Court of Justice InfrastructureScheme Dhartee Hall research 33/1 will be able to Pune for sale. I want a search on Internet of the property is located in the village of Atit in 2002. Please tell me their procedures. I have purchased a plot of vill-Sate, dist-PuneWe Gatno - 51 - Kola Wadi Haweli Valley recorded a Dast Kasarwadi on 20 August, 14 plot-17 of the Court no 5274/2014 date. The steps that need to transfer its name of summary of 7/12, hence the name retrieved 7/12 entered by the extreme Utara voice/mutation iron and get. It has made desk and recorded 1981 you bought a House, but not on the list for PR card, now I want my brother's House younger members how to transmit my family. There is no map of the property of the House. How can you transmit? What is the revision of land owned by 168 not Jajuri Purndhar Valley District Pune area 42 sec.? 7residential is the municipal territory. I proceeded to the back of the stamp duty erroneously at the head of the registration. Can I get a refund? How to obtain a refund of penalties stamp duty? I have paid the penalties for 04/06/2014 during the regime of amnesty declared 2014 02 06. I lost my original document from the Registrar of Bandra Mhada. It is already confirmed by the agent of Mr. r. and. personal. So I want to copy the tree for my lost surveys paid india original contract and even a letter to this Department, I paid the full and definitive stamp duty. I already paid the stamp duty on 09. 02-1992 & my property from registered 23 of 1994. 0280684 please, please give your reply. Thank you. Your faithful Dilip Shah. Why claim reimbursement of the electronic payment process is so complicated, while the Department agrees with just a click. If after payment, corrections are necessary, because there is no option for treatment as a public data entry? It is possible your question/doubt (English please). Or answer questions, if you know the answer. We try to respond to your request. .